Freezer Cooking and Getting Organized for the Holidays

by vahnee


Yesterday’s post pictures seemed to imply that my house was immaculate and that I was freely crafting in Clean House Bliss, so the above pic shows the True State of the Living Room. Why, yes, that IS moses basket perched precariously on the couch. :-) Am I the only one that’s freaking out about being ready for the holidays?!

There was more progress made on the deck this weekend. We’ll have a break from construction projects next weekend and hopefully have the upstairs bathroom redone the week after that. If this baby comes early, I’m totally screwed. :-)

On the upside, the spouse-unit’s cousin arrived and is doing great with Spice. They’re outside rocking the sandbox every day, which means more time for me to work on things around the house, guilt-free!

Last week, I was zoned in on more organizing topics, with a nod towards fall and decorating, so here goes…

  • Freezer Cooking Recipes You Can Count On // Jessica over at Life As Mom posted a great list of freezer cooking recipes. While they’re a little too meaty for the spouse-unit, she also has some helpful links on how to get started freezer cooking, something I’ve been meaning to research.
  • 12 Reasons to Unclutter Your Space // Badly named – it’s more like “3 Reasons and 12 Ways to Unclutter Your Space”, but the content and advice is easy and excellent. I like the tip to re-org the fridge contents when you put new stuff in; it’s really kept our fridge tidier. Found via Unclutterer.
  • Fall Projects for Your Home, Yard, Body & Mind // A really nice combination of organizational and personal development checklist for the fall, from Simple Mom.
  • Creating a mail center in your home // Another good post from Unclutterer. We recently cleared out our previous mail hub and have ordered a more streamlined deskspace for our mail/bills sorting. I’m hoping the decreased table space and the built-in filing cabinet and processing cubbies will help it stay more organized.